Perform. Enhance. Evolve. 

Gunnar Office Furnishings is a privately held company that has been manufacturing commercial office furniture in Calgary since 1979. 

Recently Gunnar made the move to go from a manufacturer/dealer to a full service dealer without the manufacturing. 

After much thought and searching to see what manufacturers would best fill the holes created when we stopped our manufacturing, we approached 2 companies that we are very pleased to be now partnered with.  Kimball Office, a 1.5 billion dollar company well known throughout North America, and Transwall which also has recently partnered with the Italian company Doimo. 

Gunnar Office Furnishings is proud of our relationships with our clients and our suppliers. 

Our goal is to provide a pleasant office environment at various budget levels without compromising our quality.  Whether it is private offices, open office layouts, health care or building out the entire shell of a building, it can all be done through the Gunnar sales team that is extensively trained on all our products. 

Gunnar will continue to Perform, Enhance and Evolve as the companies we serve change and grow.